How To Turn Your Employees Into Social Media Advocates For Your Brand

Nowadays it can little longer to create a following or get the reach you’d like from your social media content. Turning your employees into social media advocates and getting them participate in sharing your brand’s social efforts can be a great way to start gaining fans and interaction more quickly and organically.

If you are having trouble reaching your social media growth goals, try getting your employees involved in your social media efforts and sharing your content. Your employees are already out there representing your brand, connecting with other industry professionals, consumers and some of your employees may even fall into your target audience. More over, people trust recommendations from other people, more than they trust messaging that comes from a brand. Your employees are an extension of your brand, and their social networks could contain contacts that can be useful to your business or product.

To get the most out of your employees sharing content:


Create sharing/posting guidelines.

Set some basic ground rules for your new social media advocates. Encourage your employees by concentrating on DO’s more than DON’Ts but be clear on what is or is not acceptable for them to share about your business. You can also take it a step further and adopt a full social media policy for your company.

Make sure they are tagging your brand correctly and using the right hashtags.

We’ve seen a lot of instances when employees are sharing about their company, but fail to tag or hashtag their posts. Take the time to let your employees know what your official handles and hashtags are (this is especially important for company events). Not having the right hashtags or handles means missing out on reach.

Let them know when there is something to share

Part of the trouble with turning employees into social media advocates is providing content for them to share. To avoid this issue you can come up with a system for letting them know when content will be published or if there are specific initiatives you’d like to emphasize. You can do this on a company digital bulletin board or if you have an internal communication system, via email, verbally or even using a service like LinkedIn Elevate.

Provide help and resources.

Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge and understanding about social channels your employees have, the more confident they will become in using them and seeing the benefits sharing brings.

A few ways you can encourage more employee social media content sharing:


Create an internal social media influencer program or contest

Prizes or just the simple spirit of competition can motivate people to share.

Measure results and show your employees the impact they have

We’re all about analytics here! And we find that when you show employees the numbers and how their efforts are helping your brand they feel motivated to continue sharing and becoming social media advocates for the business.

Highlight them

Share employee content to company channels, spotlight an employee on your social channels, or let your employees submit content pieces or ideas. Who doesn’t like sharing information about themselves, or a project they had a part in?

With the correct guidance, employee involvement could reap serious benefits for your business’ social media growth. Getting your employees to become social media advocates for your brand and share content will not only bring visibility and reach, but will solidify your audience’s trust in you. Nothing looks better than a company who’s teams support it not only internally, but externally also!

– The Supremacy Marketing Team

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